KennKenneth L. Neeley

Attorney & Counselor at Law

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Management of Information Systems and completed law school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After law school, I moved to Gilbert, Arizona and passed the Arizona Bar Exam (and, by some miracle, even achieved the highest score in the state).

Before opening my own practice I owned a custom software development company. My experience with explaining complex technology to business executives helped me learn how to take a complicated process and explain it in an understandable way. I will do that for you in your legal matter.

I have 5 kids and a beautiful wife who told me that after I graduated from UNLV she wanted to leave Las Vegas for someplace with four seasons and cooler weather – then I found a job in Phoenix… sorry Honey.

Over the years I have become a member of the State Bar of Arizona, the State Bar of Nevada, the Federal Bar Association (Bankruptcy Section), the Arizona Bankruptcy American Inn of Court, the Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel, the American Bar Association, the Maricopa County Bar Association, the National Association of Consumer Advocates, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.


TeresaTeresa Maloney

Supervising Paralegal
I really enjoy working with the attorneys and staff at our firm because everyone is committed to helping our clients find the best outcome to a difficult situation.

I have completed a paralegal certificate program through Phoenix College and will likely continue my education through the next few years. I have grown with the firm and prior to that I was working in restaurants paying my way through college.

In my free time I enjoy volunteering for a local dog rescue and spending time with friends and family.

JodyJody McClelland Wilkens

Chapter 13 Paralegal
For almost 7 years I have been working closely with trustees, attorneys and creditors to ensure that our clients have the information and support required to successfully complete their 3 to 5 year Chapter 13 bankruptcy or their Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is rewarding to help people through the bankruptcy process. Time and time again I hear clients tell me that they feel so much lighter and full of hope after they allow Neeley Law Firm to help them with debt resolution. Our office is full of highly skilled, compassionate and positive people who want to help good people get out of debt.

I received my undergraduate degree in Sociology from Arizona State University and my Masters of Education Leadership from Northern Arizona University. I stayed at home with my two daughters and ran a small tutoring business before I began my career as a paralegal.

When I am out of the office I enjoy sunset bike rides, dancing, and trying new recipes in my kitchen. I am married to my best friend and I am a proud mother of two amazing young women. I am also a volunteer at Sunshine Acres.

CaleyCaley Meegan

Chapter 7 Paralegal

My career in the field of bankruptcy law started while I was studying for my undergraduate degree at ASU. I began working at a large firm close to campus where I started as a receptionist but soon gained the skills and knowledge to become a paralegal. I have spent time working with family law and landlord-tenant law attorneys. However, bankruptcy is my preferred field of practice. I find it rewarding to help people start anew.

I studied at both Arizona State University and Brigham Young University – Hawaii. I left one school with a double major in Justice Studies & Religious Studies and the other with a good tan! If BYU-H offered an undergraduate degree in surfing, I would have earned one of those too. I enjoy hiking, running and spending time with my 4-year-old son. I used to figure-skate competitively and still like to drop by the rink every once in a while.


TelinaTelina Thurman


Bio Being Updated

Bio Being Updated

Bio Being Updated

Bio Being Updated


BruceBruce Goodmansen

Client Service Director

I joined the Neeley Law Firm to serve as a client advocate; thus, my whole job is to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met. I help them find the resources to rebuild credit, purchase cars, rent apartments, or buy homes after their bankruptcy has been discharged. I also write articles that are of interest to all – well, mostly all.

As an undergraduate I was encouraged to take the Masters of Instructional Science program at Brigham Young University. My college credentials afforded me the ability to write the bestselling and hard-hitting book: The Official Snipe Hunting Field Guide. I have traveled the world, but now I stay close to home because Wilson the Beast, my wily, adopted cat, needs a good part of my attention.


BonnyBonny Solheim


After I earned by MRS degree, summa cum laude, at Brigham Young University, and raised 12 wonderful kids to adulthood, I started my career by managing two adult care facilities that specialize in Alzheimer’s care in Mesa, AZ, before coming to the Neeley Law Firm. I’ve been called “The Friendliest Person on Earth,” but I don’t know about that – maybe just the friendliest in the Country. After all, I do sometimes restrict access to the community candy jar (an act of tyranny in the minds of some Neeley Law Firm staff).

I spend my free time enjoying 18 delightful grandchildren, Googling recipes that will enhance the flavor of baby Brussels sprouts, and correcting those who have a tendency to construct words inappropriately within the confines of an awkward sentence.