The Neeley Law Firm offers the most unique and client-centered pricing in Arizona. We can file your Chapter 7 case for as little as the court filing fee plus $56 in legal fees before filing.

We can file your Chapter 13 case for as little as the court filing fee plus $190 in legal fees before filing.

We’ll never bait-and-switch you. We’ll never high-pressure sell you. We’ll just carefully review your situation, give you a detailed recommendation, then offer you a payment arrangement that will work perfectly for your exact situation. We’ve done it for over 5,000 thrilled clients in Arizona so far!

Chapter 7

  • For most Chapter 7 cases, we can file your case for $56 in legal fees plus the $338 bankruptcy court filing fee!
  • After filing, you will make low monthly payments for the post-filing work

Chapter 13

  • For most Chapter 13 cases, we can file your case for just $190 to $690 in legal fees plus a $310 bankruptcy court filing fee for a total of $500 to $1,000 before filing
  • The remainder of our fees can usually be paid through your Chapter 13 plan, which may have payments as low as $100/month depending on your assets, income, and expenses

Tax Problem Resolution or Other Work

  • We offer low flat fees and payment plans for almost everything we do so that you know up front what we will do for you and what it’s going to cost you

What You Get

When you choose to work with our Arizona bankruptcy lawyers, you get much more for your money than you would elsewhere. You will have the support of attorneys who understand your situation and who are passionate about helping you become debt free. You will have access to a caring attorney at all times, not just a paralegal or support staff.

Don’t expect to get a lower quality of service or a less experienced attorney just because our fees are low. We are here to help from start to finish, and will remain available whenever you have concerns or questions about your finances, even after your case is done.


1Meet with a friendly and experienced attorneys for a free, no-hassle, no-pressure, in-person, thorough analysis of your financial situation.

2Retain our office to represent you and protect your from continued creditor harassment. Once you sign up, your creditors become our problem.

3File your case to legally eliminate your eligible debts and get a fresh start! This prevents most creditors from ever bothering you again.

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