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March 03, 2022

Outcome: Decision Affirmed

Won appeal of a bankruptcy exemption challenge in both Arizona District Court and then at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Real Estate

Jan 01, 2014

Outcome: Case Settled

Attorney failed to adequately defend a homeowner against a deficiency judgment. I was hired as the expert witness regarding the defenses the homeowner should have raised.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Outcome: Our client only had to pay $250 of a $10,000 debt

Our client was sued for over $10,000 by a creditor alleging fraudulent use of credit cards before filing bankruptcy. We aggressively defended the client and were able to negotiate a settlement of only $250.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Outcome: Our client was paid a settlement of $3,500

Our client had his car repossessed during his bankruptcy case. We filed an action against the creditor in bankruptcy court and commenced litigation. The creditor settled the claim by paying our client $3,500.


Outcome: Offer Accepted

The IRS accepted our Offer in Compromise package of $9,600 to be paid over 2 years on an $86,000 tax debt. This represented an 89% reduction in tax liability for our clients.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Outcome: We won a $6,000 settlement for our clients

Our clients’ landlord was harassing them and trying to evict them just days after they filed bankruptcy and were protected by the automatic stay.


Debt settlement

Outcome: Settled the deficiency for $30K (6%)

Clients had $1.3 million dollar loan on a $800K home. The home did not qualify for Arizona’s anti-deficiency protection because it was on more than 2.5 acres. Therefore, clients were liable for $500K.



Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Outcome: Successfully Defended

The Chapter 7 Trustee sued our client as an insider who had received a $15K payment from a Chapter 7 debtor within the one-year preceding the Chapter 7 case. Out client was a friend of the Chapter 7 filer, not a relative. The trustee claimed non-statutory insider status. We defended and won a ruling that has been cited across the country as a test for non-statutory insiders.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Outcome: Chapter 11 Plan Confirmation

Landscaping company grossing about $2million/yr and with over $1million in debt was on the brink of closing down. Through a Chapter 11 reorganization, its debt was reduced to a manageable level, and the business is now stable.