Student Loans

We believe in a true fresh start after your bankruptcy. This means that if you have federal loans, we want to help you get them discharged through the newly released attestation process. We will file a simple complaint against the United States Department of Education then begin negotiating with their office to determine how much of your federal student loans will be discharged in your bankruptcy just like all your other debt. Call our office today to speak with one of our student loan specialists about your qualifications! 

Our best-case scenario is a full discharge of your loans. We have been able to achieve this for half of our clients. The other half of our clients have received at least a partial discharge or frozen interest rate, thus reducing their overall debt.  

Even if you don’t qualify for a full discharge through the attestation process, our office is more than happy to get you on an income-based repayment plan where you could qualify for a monthly payment as low as $0 a month.  

Our litigation attorney is also able to take on private student loan lenders. Our staff has been able to achieve full discharges of private student loans as well as partial discharges. We have also achieved settlements for clients as low as 30% of their overall student debt. Contact our student loan specialists to chat about your options.  

If you aren’t interested in filing for bankruptcy and discharging your student debt with no tax consequences. Our staff is more than happy to chat with you about the other forgiveness programs offered by the Department of Education. We can help you get full forgiveness of your loans for low legal fees.  

We can help you apply for a disability discharge if you have a chronic condition that will last more than 5 years or if you receive social security disability income. Contact our office today to get started on this process!